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The “Lodge Amicus” Story

AMICUS is Latin for "Friend."

Lodge Amicus first saw the light of day when a group of friends resolved to form a new Lodge, with the express aim of recapturing and actively encouraging those principles and qualities that initially attracted them to Freemasonry.

It appeared to them, that rather than increasing standards, Freemasonry had more of a preoccupation with increasing membership. The spirit of fraternity and commitment of its members also appeared to be not as strong as they had remembered and there was certainly concern for the quality and character of meetings and meeting facilities relative to certain Lodges.

To this group of friends the "pride" of being a Freemason did not seem to be what it once was.

With this as their inspiration, they enthusiastically considered forming a Lodge, with a focus on fraternity, relevance and quality. A Lodge, which would prosper a sense of belonging. A Lodge, which would strive to achieve excellence in all its pursuits.


In fact a Lodge, which would be all that is Masonic!


A number of other friends formed a sounding board and it became clear that the idea was infectious. It seemed that there maybe many of a similar mind, who believed that without changing the fundamental principles and tenets of Freemasonry, there was much that could be done to improve the "current model" to attract and retain enthusiastic and responsible men.

The idea began to take form and a number of informal meetings and discussions followed. The expanded group of friends found that they were one in their belief that the establishment of a Lodge founded on the above principles would be of benefit not only to them but also to Freemasons Victoria.

Forty three men petitioned Freemasons Victoria to

establish a new Masonic Lodge to be called

Lodge Amicus.


With its consecration, Amicus became a reality and is the first step on the road to what we hope will be a fulfilling and meaningful Masonic journey.

"We build a road of Masonry, with other men in mind.
We do not build for you and me, we build for all mankind.
We build a road remembering men, built not for now but built for then.
and other men who walk this way, shall find the road we built today".


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